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In our Indiegogo campaign you can grab any of the miniatures we already had in stock, but the true goal is to fund once and for all the whole new Junkers Starter Pack, with five brand new white metal miniatures produced by Bigchild Creatives. And while we are at it we would like to reward those who believe in us with an exclusive miniature that will never be available in stores, Eightfingers, made in resin and produced by RN Estudio.


Logo ChatarrerosFinding tools, weapons, vehicles or almost anything in the Wasteland is hard and dangerous. But Junkers, known to some as Scavengers, make a living out of that and devote their lives to search through the remnants of old cities and the Megalopoli disposal waste to find stuff they can sell or trade in the nearby settlements. They are adept at repairing or «patching up» almost any machinery, although not in a very neat way, and they usually create really complex contraptions to solve quite simple problems, and not all the other way around.

Contrary to what happens in other factions, each individual follows a unique style and dresses with anything they can find among the ruins and suits them, patching most of their garments to their individual likings.

Probe with Small blade

SondaProbes must sneak through the hardest places and avoid being spotted. They are scouts, tunnel rats. And what better choice for this task than a child, this one equipped with a Small blade.

Dynamo with Electric suit and Crack’n’snap


Every Junker loves to build things, but Dynamos can’t get the thought out of their heads. They are the keystone of Junkers society, natural born inventors, obsessed with knowing how things work or making them work in any other funny way. The Electric suit and the Crack’n’snap rod are some of the unusual inventions they bring to battle.

Piston with Heavy blade and Pistol

PistoPistons are the physical workforce among the Junkers, those guys who tighten or pound things for other things to work properly, event though most of the time they don’t know why. Their hard work and tough life make them solid guys, prone to quarrels and bar room brawls. Being low-skilled workers most of them are forced to seek some extra income joining the Junkers gangs as hired muscle, where they stand out as the most skilled fighters in the party.

Gear with Pumper gun

Gear2When someone in the Wasteland think of a Junker, they are thinking of a Gear. They are the basic and most numerous of all Junkers. They dress up with funny clothes and gadgets, making a clear display of how much (or how little) they have been able to loot in their lives and, thus, their current standing in their society.

Gear with Blunderbuss and Medium blade

Gear1Gears usually devote themselves to scrapping things from the cities of old and trading with anything they don’t want for themselves. But if the need arises to face their enemies, they will put on their best clothes to beat the crap out of them in style.


8dedosconEightfingers is the most famous pit fighter of Nowater, two-times «Da Big Blow» winner. His style is quite crude, basically consisting of taking hits until his rival gets tired and then unleashing all his fury upon him. Dozens of scars dot his body, as well as having of course lost two of his fingers. You can read his story here.

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