Here come the Junkers

Logo ChatarrerosSome of you already had the feeling, others knew the news live at our presentation at the the Desafío Wargames, there are those who read about it on blogs or saw the videos on the net… but there have been no official press release on our own webpage, until now. A new faction is coming, that of the Junkers.

You already can access all the info about this new gang in the Punkapocalyptic world through our Background page, and can check their rules (still being tested) on the Downloads section.

These Junkers follow what we have come to call the «scrap-punk» style. They are obviously influenced by a steampunk look, as they are closely linked to the Indutrial Barony focused in the settlement of Samanthia, but they combine that style with the scraps and devices they can find in the old cities, mixing the aesthetics of the steam and electrical contraptions with other stuff from our own time. And they have Irish blood!

They form a gang with lots of outlandish weapons, capable of both wiping out the toughest rival or explode in the hands of its owner. Their inventions are so weird that, in the hands of a member of other faction, they are little more than useless.

023Here you can see some early concepts (obviously subject to further changes) with some of their extrange weapons, such as the Ballistic punch, or the Electric suit with a Crack’n’snap.

ChatarreraAnd what most of you were surely waiting for, the final artwork for the first Junker miniature that we will be selling. Made as usual by our talented illustrator Marco Paraja, this chick has a rifle with a spyglass as scope and uses a crutch for support.

Green Chatarrera

Here you are the current progress of the modelling that is being made by the crack sculptor Julen Galparsoro, in case you didn’t believed us.

So now that you know, dust your old corsets and top hats, tune your most pompous accent and get ready to trade with all kind of junk and stuff found in the ruins of the cities of old.

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