Gangers Starter Pack – 350 points list

If you don’t want to get a headache, here you are a full 350 points list for playing Punkapocalyptic with the miniatures included in the Ganger Starter Pack. Besides, we will explain to you all the characteristics of each miniature. The attributes in brackets are already modified by the equipment carried by the miniature.


leaderpackControlChiefUndoubtedly, the most decisive miniature in a Ganger band is their Chief. Apart from some really awesome attributes, its third Action is an utterly determinant factor. With this «extra» Action it can do a lot of useful things such as getting out of cover, shooting and hiding back, move up to 12″ in a Turn, and the like. Equipped with a rifle and a medium blade it will be invaluable both at long ranges and in close combat, hence being the most versatile miniature on the table. Besides, the biohazard protection allows it to cross any contaminated terrain with no fuss. Its only drawback is, of course, the high point cost it implies to the whole gang.


badasspackControlBadassThis Badass is the one on charge of scaring the enemy away at medium ranges. It has the advantage of having unlimited ammo, backed by a quite good Precision attribute. And with its biohazard protection it will have the freedom of movement to be where it is supossed to be. The biggest problem here is that its crossbow needs to be reloaded after each shot, so it is vital to place it where it won’t have to spend Actions in any other thing apart from shooting and reloading. If it gets involved in a close combat just remember that the crossbow, being a ranged weapon with the Two-handed special rule, can be used as a light mace.


brutepackControlBruteThe duty of the Brute is getting into close combat and act as a wrecking ball. Its heavy mace leaves it with a Strength attribute of 9, and the Metal plate is sturdy enough to grant a nice bonus to Toughness against most of its rival’s weapons. It is capable of taking the hits from almost every enemy combatant, and responding with a lethal blow if it hits back. On the negative side, it is a miniature that only works in close combat, so it will have to move forward against the enemy and become a clear target at some point or another. Besides the Metal plate penalizes its Agility by lowering it to 3, which is the lowest score in the band.


archerpackControlGangerThanks to its bow this Ganger can harass the enemy at medium and long ranges. As it has no ammo limit, it can just fire at will or aim each and every of its shots. The drawbacks here are the Difficult to use special rule of the bow, which leaves it with Precision 4, and that it is a weapon with not really outstanding Strength or Penetration scores.


scumbagpackControlScumbagThe main task for the Scumbag is capturing objectives or protecting the weak flanks of the gang. In spite of its low cost, it is capable of putting up a fight against almost any enemy it might find or unbalancing a combat if it assaults in support of an ally. On the downside, a good rival can down it in a blink and its low armour means it will be easy prey against most hostile fire.


Remember this is only an example of a band you can form up with the miniatures included in the starter. You could, for example, equip the Badass with a rifle (included in its blister) instead of the crossbow and boost the firing capability of your band in exchange for other equipment or options (or in exchange for nothing, and play with a 400 points list). And of course you will soon have more new miniatures available for your Ganger band, with which to customize your gang or play bigger games.

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