Ganger Starter Pack now on sale

Starter3 You already have for sale on our online store (and at the usual retailers) the so long awaited Ganger Starter Pack, which includes the five Ganger miniatures we have released so far: Chief (medium blade, rifle and biohazard protection), Badass (rifle/crossbow and biohazard protection), Brute (metallic armour and heavy mace), Ganger (hardened leather, bow and small blade) and Scumbag (throwing knives and light mace).

With this stylish eighties-flavored box you will be able to create a fully-playable Ganger band worth 350 points (in the next days we will provide some examples of gaming lists for that value), with which start to play Punkapocalyptic.

All for the incredible price of 39,95 €!


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