Gaming tips: Game Turns and Agility Rounds

As you can see in the rulebook, this game is divided into Game Turns, and during each Turn all miniatures act according to their Agility score in the so-called Agility Rounds (ie, when the time comes to act for the Agility 4 miniatures, we would say we are in the Agility Round 4).

So, having a high Agility makes you act first which means you can shoot before being shot, reach a vantage point, or remain in a Defensive Fire position in case an enemy crosses your Line of sight afterwards. But sometimes acting first can be a drawback, and you would rather wait to see what your rival is doing, or maybe your strategy requieres another miniature to go first. That is exactly what Delaying an Action is for.

This way a miniature can choose to delay its Action Turn to a later Agility Round, in which it will be the last one to act.

Knowing how to take advantage of the acting order is quite important to bring the game to your own grounds, because sometimes for a good plan to work it is not only necessary to do what you have to do, but also doing it with the correct timing.

As a general rule or tip, the usual method to mark that a given miniature is Delaying its Turn is to place by its side the old, trusty 6-faced die displaying the number for the subsequent Agility Round in which it will act. Remember that this miniature will act in the last place of such Agility Round, so if your idea is to wait for an Agility 3 enemy miniature to act and see what it does, you don’t need to Delay your own miniature to the Agility Round 2; doing it to the Agility Round 3 will do the trick, as your delayed miniature will act the last.

2015_03_09_0215bThis is the Acting Turn for the Ganger with bow, and facing both Mutards coming at him, he decides to act at once. Now he will have to choose whether to fall back an avoid a possible Assault, or trust his skills and make two shots at them.

2015_03_09_0188BThis is the Acting Turn for the three-armed Mutard. He chooses to Delay his Actions to the Agility Round 2. This way the Bobblehead will be able to cast upon him the Combat Enhancement psychic power, after which the three-armed Mutard will move towards the enemy with a +3 bonus to its Combat attribute.

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