Freak Wars 2017

Next weekend of 16th and 17th of September we will again attend a new edition of Freak Wars, taking place in Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid).

As it has been a usual thing in the events we have been to, we will hold demo games, sell our stuff, answer your questions and chat about anything you want.

We will have of course some special promotions, and we will apply a «buy 4, pay 3» offer on all your purchases of our miniatures (you buy 4 items from our miniatures catalog, you get the cheapest for free).

As we also did on last year’s Freak Wars weekend, we will have a joint demo game table with Surus Creations, Valquiria Studio and Euphoria Miniatures. And if you think that’s not enough, you will also get chained discounts if you buy from those friend companies. If you spend more then € 35 in the Punkapocalyptic, Euphoria Miniatures, Surus Creations or Valquiria Studio stands, you will get a 10% discount card for your next purchase in any of those other stalls.

But this year we also offer two interesting activities.

On one side, we have a couple of speeches on Saturday beginning at 10:30 am.
Have you read our Punkapocalyptic background and think we are fucking nuts? Do you wonder how we come to such amount of bullshit? Well, you will be able not only to see the process, but also take part in it. In this first round table we will hold a brainshitstorm of ideas with all the people who comes around to create a new beast of the Wasteland and a special character, putting it black on white in writing and drawing with the help of our illustrator Marco Paraja who will try to reflect all the crap we throw at him. Then it will be added to the official background of the game.
The second speech will be about the future releases for Punkapocalyptic in the next months. Those include the KickStarter for the new V Reich band, the license concession for the creation of a future Punka Role Playing Game, the incoming release of the printed rulebook and moving forward the background timeline.

And to finish all this nonsense, the main dish. From 15:00 Saturday afternoon we will hold the biggest Punkapocalyptic tournament ever played: «The Legend of the Golden Mongolongo». With 36 places it was the first tournament in the weekend to have a full inscriptions quota.
With an inscription fee of € 10 the players will get Magnus, the exclusive event miniature modelled by Barruz Studio that will also have its own rules for Punka, a file to print on your 3D printers courtesy of Thunder Chrome, a gift from Valquiria Studio, another present from Surus Creations, a tournament exclusive pin and another sure gift in a raffle at the end of the tournament (for those who haven’t had any other prize whatsoever). If you think that’s not enough, Surus Creations will give another gift to the best customized band, Bigchild Creatives to the best painted band and Plastcraft will also bring some other presents. Besides the prizes for the first, second, third and last bands.
But the patrons will not leave it like that, as we will also enjoy the brutal tables lent by Thunder Chrome, Plastcraft and also Scratch Attack.

And what about the stuff you can buy? Everything from our catalog (including the yet-not-released Black Blood Children miniatures funded during our last KS campaign) and the two new September releases: a Badass with Shotgun and Medium Blade for the Gangers and an Ash with Mace for the Black Bloods. Could you ask for more? We doubt it!

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