First annual Punkapocalyptic painting challenge

Colour your fucking minis now!

Introducing the first annual Punkapocalyptic painting challenge. A challenge that has a very simple goal, to put an end to the grey tide that plagues the gaming tables.

The challenge consists of painting a Punkapocalyptic miniature every month, either one of our miniatures for sale or a 3D printed miniature from our files (remember that if you belong to our Patreon, every month we give away an STL file).

Each month that the challenge is completed, all the miniatures will be published on our blog and social networks, there will be no winners or losers, all the completed miniatures will be eligible for the challenge.

At the end of the month, a bullet will be given to each of the participants in that month’s challenge.

At the end of the year, the number of bullets per participant will be counted and if a total of 10 bullets have been collected, those heroes of the paintbrush will get a 20% discount voucher for their next purchase on our official website. Also, if you have been part of the Patreon for the whole duration of the challenge, you will get a surprise miniature!

What do I have to do every month to enter my miniature into the challenge? Easy, in the first days of the month, you must publish a photo of your miniature mounted, primed or printed with the corresponding hashtag that we will announce in our social networks. And at the end of the month the same but with the mini painted.

For example in March the hashtag will be #YoPintoPunka1 (it will be in Spanish because most of the community is there, but you can accompany it with this other hashtag #IPaintPunka1).

In this way, our martabbits will be able to check who enters the monthly challenge and who finishes it, in order to distribute the bullets at the end of the month.

What if one month I don’t reach the challenge? If one month you don’t reach the challenge, don’t worry, as you can see, although there are 10 bullets needed to complete the challenge and we have 10 months left of this wonderful 2022 that we are living, you can also get extra bullets with the additional challenges that we will be publishing some months and that can be painting a piece of scenery, a creature of the wasteland, a character from our background, etc.

Would you like to participate? So now you know, start this month with the hashtag #YoPintoPunka1, see you on social networks!


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