Rulebook updates

Here you will see the updates to the rulebook, so you can check at a glance all the corrections and the dates they were made.

 28/08/18 Rulebook:

Minor typo correction and rule clarifications.


Gangers (troop) can’t now carry a rifle.


Pit beasts have now Com 5.

Acid split mutation now cost 5 pts.

Mimetism mutation now cost 5 pts.

Black Blood Children:

Cunnilingus Igni have now Com 5.

V Reich:

Added personalities Ilse and Red Helmet.
Subhumans Strength and Toughness value drops to 2.


Added Captain Hammerica and Magnus.

 27/07/17 Rulebook:

Opposed rolls rules are now better explained.
Added the Scarce Special rule, which now applies to several weapons.
Minor typo correction and rule clarifications.


Added the Scarce Special rule to some weapons.

Black Blood Children:

Added the Scarce Special rule to some weapons.
Embers and Sparks can now have a maximum of two weapons, not being able to have more than one Two-handed weapons.


5/4/17 Rulebook:

Small blade now costs 4 points.
Claws and teeth Penetration value drops to 1.
Armor provided by Hardened leather rises to 3.
Added the Special Rules Fireproof, Gas, Rider and Smoke.
Miniatures with Special rules Beast or Mong can’t Delay their Action turns.
Close combat weapons with Special rules Dead slow or Really dead slow are spent only when they hit.
Minor typo correction and rule clarifications.


Pit beasts now have the Mong Special rule.


Probes now have the Swift Special rule.
Dynamos have now Tech 7.
Scopes can now be added to a pistol.
Gas and Smoke Special rules for bombs are now explained in the Special rules chapter of the Rulebook.
Electric suit now has the Fireproof Special rule.

Black Blood Children:

Ashes can now be equipped with Thick clothes.
Embers now cost 50 points.
Flamethrowers now cost 20 points.
Some of the Bike rules are now included in the new Rider Special rule.

V Reich:

Soldats cost now 40 points and have Hardened leather as basic armor.
Subhumans cost now 20 points and their Strength and Toughness rise to 3.
If a Medic fails when healing a Downed miniature, no other Medic can try to patch it up again.


A new way of setting up random objectives is now offered as an alternative.
The Perfect Storm scenario now has a chance for the storm to calm down.
The Splash! scenario now states that broken down pumps won’t grant any victory point.
Added rules for optional scenery elements.

 02/27/17 Added the dates of the last update at the beginning of each PDF file.


Added the new Template Special rule, explaining how to fire weapons which use… yeah, templates..
Minor errors correction.


Now the Mongrelmorphs rise up to 20 points and can’t get psychic powers from the Bobblehead.

Black Blood Children:

Added Cunnilingus Igni and Momma Nutritora as personalities of the band.


Added the modified Attributes in brackets for their equipment in each attributes profile.

Added Lizzy DeVille.

07/01/16 Rulebook:

Jumping and Falling down distances have been modified (for the better).
You now must Assault through the shortest path to the target to get the bonuses.
The Pack Special rule has been modified, shortening the distance between the pack members.


In the “Maximum Overdrive” scenario the number of vehicles with gas now depends on the points size of the game.

03/16/16 Rulebook:

Pack and Incendiary Special rules have been modified.
The High-Res version of the Rulebook has been removed from the Downloads section waiting for its re-design for the 2.0 version.
Minor typos correction.


The rules about repeating the same mutation in a band now include the standard mutations of the Pit beast, not just the ones from Mutards (troop).

Black Blood Children (Beta version):

Some changes in the “For the Black Blood!” Special rule for the Burnts.
Embers can now carry Shields.


Crazy Mel now has Metallic armor.


Now the deployment rules state that a miniature can only be deployed over an scenery element above ground if that scenery element clearly displays a way of going up to the top of it, such as a ladder.

09/21/15 Added the Rulebook 2.0 Printer friendly version:

Added some major changes in Combat, specially in Mass combat.
Section rearrangement to make it clearer.
Changes in the names of the types of terrain.


In the scenario “Splash” you can now use only one Tech check to activate the objectives.
Added the “Maximum Overdrive” scenario.

Black Blood Children (Beta version):

Burnts have now the option not to carry any weapon, with a maximum of one. The explosives in the “For the Black Blood!” Special rule now cost 15 pts.
Embers con now carry a Pistol.
Combat penalty for the Chainsaw is now -1.


Added the Mercs rules.

12/01/14 Rulebook:Now it is clearly stated that if any miniature gets any of its Attributes reduced to 0 it will be considered as downed.
Pump-action rule has been modified.Scenarios:We have modified the victory points of the Attack! scenario. Own objectives do not grant victory points, and the central ones grant 1 each.Gangers lists:Biohazard protection cost has been reduced to 5 points.Junkers lists:The vaporeta now has increased range.
Added two new types of bombs (gas and smoke).
Crack’n’snap and electric suit are now a single option to buy.
Crack’n’snap now gets +2 to Combat
Dynamos have now access to Gadgets of the trade, included in the Equipment section.
The blunderbuss now has a reduced cost of 5 points.
Now the Scope is more expensive to buy, but it grants better bonus to Precision.
Biohazard protection cost has been reduced to 5 points.
11/01/14 The Bobblehead’s Tech attribute is moved down to 4.
The Mutards (troop) must have at least ONE mutation.
The Pit Beast gets two new options to choose its mutations: Prehensile limb and Sharp tail.
There can only be two groups of Addlers for each Bobblehead in the gang.
The -1 penalty to Combat imposed by the Sharp tail mutation now only affects the attack made with the tail.
The Sticky mutation now costs 8 points. The Frog mutation now costs 14 points.
10/01/14 Actions: now it is clear that you have to end an Action before beginning another one.
Cover: Avoiding Cover means avoiding the Armour bonus granted by Cover. Previous rule writing led to confusion.
Equipment: Clarification about which firearms are considered Improvised Weapons and which ones Light Maces in Close Combat.
Clarification about what happens if a miniature is equipped with two Close Combat or Ranged weapons.
Special rules:
-Incendiary: clarification about what exactly happens with the Fire Bombs when the miniature carrying them is Downed.
-Dead Slow and Really Dead Slow: clarification about how to engage correctly in Close Combat with a weapon with this rule.
09/01/14 The Crouching and Getting Up rules have changed, and now it is clearer what happens to a miniature that falls to the ground. Defensive Fire is better explained now. The Special Rules Automatic, Berserk, KABOOM!!! have been re-written for the better. Added the new Special Rules Bulky y Really Dead Slow.
07/31/14 Bows now cost 10 points. Added a table that specifies a limit to the number of miniatures a gang can have, according to the point limit of the game. The high-def rulebook has been upgraded with pictures to clarify some rules.
07/15/14 Changed the rules about Delaying an action. Now it is clearly stated that you can’t make an assault with the same action used to disengage from a combat.
05/22/14 Added a new paragraph with rules for downed miniatures, and this concept has been unified thoughout the rulebook. Other minor corrections.
05/07/14 Changes to the Difficult terrain rules. Rough terrain rules have been added.
04/21/14 Spelling and style corrections (English version only).
03/23/14 Changes to the Incendiary special rule. Minor spelling and style corrections.
03/16/14 Corrections to Close combat (specifying the use of the attacking miniature’s Strength), minor spelling and typos check.



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