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BannSome of you, who didn’t already know us, have visited the Punkapocalyptic campaign at Indiegogo and have wondered «But where does this game come from, that doesn’t ring any bell? Why don’t they tell anything about the rule system or else in their campaign?»

Well, the fact is that we are not a brand new game. It has been more than a year since we were known for the first time by the general public and we started selling our miniatures, and we have been growing ever since. Thus we have come to the conclusion that with the traditional ways of funding (that is, our own money) we would not be able to keep up the pace of releases the gaming community would expect in a game such as this one, so we have finally opted for a crowdfunding campaign. Just to make the game bigger.

Punkapocalyptic is a pimp and lethal skirmish game, set in a post-apocalyptic world that has come to be much in this way. All the factions we create fight each other in the Scrapbridge area, which is the biggest and most important settlement around.

Puentechatarra3You can download our rulebook for free from our website, as well as the playing lists and rules for the three first factions (and the beta rules for the fourth one), and the scenarios. Furthermore, you can choose among two versions of the rules: one layed out in full color and with a lot of pictures and stuff, including all gang lists and scenarios, and the other one in plain black & white and a much simpler layout, planned for a more printer-friendly use.

bann_newrulesBesides, during all this time we have really, really devoted ourselves to make the game’s background a big, vibrating and living thing, with an ongoing history which has been moving forwards and evolving since day one. There are plenty of short stories, celebrities, and the Scrapbridge Gazette, a monthly newspaper from the most famous settlement. All peppered with our own special sense of humor and bad attitude.

Well, and miniatures, of course, we also have miniatures 30 mm to the eye in scale. And maybe we shouldn’t be saying this, but they are cool as hell. You can have a quiet look at them at the Gallery, but believe us when we say that the best place to display them is at your home. Seriously.

PortadaGangers2But hey, we were supposed to be talking about the game. This is a skirmish showdown between gangs, quite traditional in its core (there are no cards, tokens or any other weird stuff), in which you have to create your own gang spending points for each miniature and its equipment. When playing a game to the maximum recommended points (500 would be a game in all its splendour) you should be commanding between 7 and 12 miniatures. But to begin with, that is playing to 350 points, you can easily get along with just 5 or 6. In fact, on our website you already have a couple of sample lists to play with the Gangers starter pack and the Mutards starter pack plus the Pit beast.

All you need to play is some ten-sided dice, measuring tapes, a gang control sheet with all your miniature’s data (guess what, you can also download it from our web, along with some cool markers)… oh, yes, and miniatures, that’s important.

Our gaming scenarios are quite diverse and they try to avoid the usual hack’n’slash missions in which you only have to kill your enemise, forcing you to accomplish some other goals.

The gaming table should have an ideal size of 120 x 120 cm (4′ x 4′), with the usual amount of stuff scattered over it as scenery. You can use objects that simulate actual elements of the Wasteland, but there are already some friendly companies making cool oficial scenery perfect to set your games (and there is still more to come).

2015_03_09_0215b We have been to several conventions and at each and every of them our gaming table has been crowded with players, and they all agreed in one thing: this game rocks. So don’t hesitate, give it a try! If you don’t like it, we promise to refund you for the cost of the rulebook!


Now you know, move your ass and join the Punka-playing community!!!


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