Rules for Caronte

You have unlocked Caronte as a personality for the Junkers, so here you are its rules in Beta version so you can test them and give us your feedback. Caronte Caronte is a legend among the Junkers, but few agree if that’s for good or for bad: his genius is… Continue reading

Rules for using Old Ratcutter as a Merc

During the KS campaign to release the Starter Set the rules to use Old Ratcutter as a Merc were unlocked as a social goal. So here you are the beta version of such rules so you can test it and give us your feedback. Old Ratcutter Formerly one of the… Continue reading

Punkapocalyptic Starter Set KS campaign

The Punkapocalyptic starter set Kickstarter campaign is now on live. Our goal is to release a Starter Set for two players. For that we have chosen our first and probably most emblematic factions: Gangers and Mutards. We will also include a battle rulebook (in Spanish or English) and a set… Continue reading

V Reich now for sale

A new faction arrives to Punkapocalyptic. After the successful crowdfunding campaign last year, the V Reich are now released to the general public. Now for sale the v Reich Starter Pack, including five resin miniatures: Marshal (pistol and metallic armour), Medic (small blade / pistol), Soldat (Rifle and biohazard protection), Übersoldat… Continue reading

Rulebook updates

In this update the rules are matched with those of the printed rulebook, which came out with some small changes. In addition to adding the last Mercenaries and the personalities of the V Reich. Rulebook: Minor typo correction and rule clarifications. Gangers: Gangers (troop) can’t now carry a rifle. Mutards:… Continue reading

Freak Wars 2018

Next weekend of 15th and 15th of September we will again attend a new edition of Freak Wars, taking place in Carabanchel (Madrid). As it has been a usual thing in the events we have been to, we will hold demo games, sell our stuff, answer your questions and chat… Continue reading

Background to Ignatius’ bands (2)

Author: Ignatius. Takahiro’s Orientals The door to the small tavern opened with a squeak while a hooded figure crossed the gap with steady steps. The eyes of the only two dwellers of the place turned lazily towards the newcomer, while he took of his biohazard protections, hood and cloak, hanging… Continue reading

May releases now for sale

Now for sale the Spark with Medium blade for the Black Blood Children, the last miniature to be released from all those unlocked during the last KS campaign.   You can find them at our online store and the usual hobby stores in Spain, as well as some US retailers.… Continue reading

Fourty sixth issue of the Scrapbridge Gazette

We have a new issue of The Scrapbridge Gazette on the Downloads section of our website. Follow the wise advises of Old Ratcutter, don’t miss the Service announcements and, above all, pay close attention to the news of Scrapbridge and the surrounding area. Only for a dirty bullet! Continue reading