Scenery: Cooling tower chimney

These last two days we have been working on a project that we had kept in mind for some time, which is no other thing that to make a cooling tower for a Wasteland nuclear power plant. First thing was to find a flowerpot with the adequate curve and size:… Continue reading

Scenery: Billboard

We will start with the board itself, which we will do with a miniature movement tray (measuring about 2″x4″, give or take). We will also need four wood strips a bit longer than 1″ (exactly 3 cms.), which will be used as support for the front metal grid. They must be… Continue reading

Scenery: Creating Punkapocalyptic shacks

Making a Punkapocalyptic table look alive and cool is easy for anyone. You can get pre-made scenery from our friend companies at our online store specially designed for our game. But you can also create your own scenery in a much easier way than you could possibly thought. In this article we… Continue reading