Beautiful creatures

We like to put our… greenstuff where our mouth is, so here you are a little «Christmas present» (here in Spain tradition is that gifts are brought from the Far East by the Three Wise Men on this night, not Santa Claus). These are the first pictures of the modelling… Continue reading

Free Cunnilingus

Few companies can boast about giving free Cunnilingus as an unlockable extra during a campaign, but you managed to get one during ours. Here you have the fantastic 3D design made by RN Estudio for Cunnilingus Igni, the disturbed leader of the Black Blood Children. Prepare to be lick… burnt! Continue reading

Liz deVille in the flesh… or at least resin

For your drooling pleasure, ya all sick and twisted wastelanders, behold Liz deVille, the most badass, deadly and hot mercenary out there, brought to you by the febrile mind of our illustrator Marco Paraja and the 3D designing skill of RN Estudio! Our cover girl, who has been with us from… Continue reading

Bad dog!

The Wasteland is a nasty place, full of creatures for which the term «weird» falls really short. Some of them are tamed by the Mutards, and widely known as mongrelmorphs. Here you are the first two mongrelmorphs unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign (which will be sold together in the same… Continue reading

The money or your lives

A highway bandit, caravan robber and social worker in his community, this fella is ready to stand anything the Wasteland throws at him. Armed with a sawed-off two-barreled shotgun, a scarf and a really short temper, this Son of the Black Blood is one of the latests 3D designs made… Continue reading

Here comes the cavalry!

Here comes the cavalry! This new render comes hitting the gravel at full speed, charging into the Blood’s enemies with his mighty sword in hand. Blue trousers with a yellow stripe, high boots and a cowboy hat bring the whole concept into life! Thanks again to RN Estudio for this… Continue reading

Alice in chains

She is mean, she is bald and she does not give a flying f*ck about your midlife crisis. This lady in chains means trouble, and she is here to make sure you have plenty of them! RN Estudio is tirelessly feeding us with new material every few days, so we… Continue reading

It’s a hot September

He was probably one of the funniest and most awaited miniatures for the basic Black Blood Children band, the flaming piper! RN Estudio has captured again all the essence of the sketch to bring an awesome render. Still some minor changes to be made to improve the final look, but… Continue reading

Junker in style

This week has been full of news, and the last one is this neat work in progress for the Junker Gear unlocked as an optional add-on during the campaign. Again, RN Estudio is doing some great job with this top-hat, smart, honest Abe, and this is very close to the… Continue reading

Along came a Badass

He’s cool as f*uck, wears a mask, a leather duster, and he is ready to shoot your face off or cut you in half. Yes, we are talking about the Ganger Badass unlocked as an stretch-goal during the campaign. Here you have a new 3D render from RN Estudio. Raw… Continue reading