The V Reich Kickstarter is now live

It is time, the time of reckoning. The Kickstarter campaign to fund the new V Reich faction is running. We would like to stress that this crowdfunding is a real crowdfunding. This means that we are not opening a pre-order period for something we already have, or selling in an easy way a… Continue reading

First Kickstarter unlockable

Leading the Black Blood Children this is Cunnilingus Igni, who took over power after the attack they suffered and only wants to see the Wasteland under blood and fire. This will be the first unlockable miniature (final pose pending), which will be released at € 10000 and will be added… Continue reading

The Black Blood is now complete

For this next campaign we will need to hit the € 9000 mark. But if we manage to get there, we will quickly start to unlock some nice extras, most of them free miniatures. So this is simple: putting your money in will not only help us to fund our… Continue reading

Sixth concept for the Black Blood

The Black Blood Children worship oil as an almost mystical force provided by Tex’co, some kind of deity for them. They don’t trade at all with what they get from the depths of Earth, as only members of their cult are worthy enough to get advantage of its blessings. There… Continue reading

New concept for the Black Blood KS

Production of the miniatures unlocked in the crowdfunding will be entirely made in metal. As usual, production will be run by Bigchild Creatives, a Spanish company we have been working with since day one and which is a guarantee of quality. There you go a new early sketch of a Black… Continue reading

Filling the ranks for the Black Blood

In this upcoming crowdfunding campaign we won’t be releasing a Starter Pack like in the last one. Our aim is to release 8 miniatures (one of them with a bike) to have the most complete gang possible right in the shelves, and then decide which of them will be included… Continue reading

New Kickstarter concept

For this KS campaign we have had the collaboration of RN Estudio, which has been keen enough to create a couple of designs in advance so we can show them for you to see what we exactly want to create. Here you are one of those designs, already converted into… Continue reading

New Black Blood concept

In the next crowdfunding campaign for the Black Blood Children we will change to a new platform, Kickstarter instead of Indiegogo, where we expect to have bigger and better impact. To help you drool your way through the waiting, there you go a new concept for the designed miniatures. Continue reading

The Black Blood crowdfunding is near

This already smells of gas! We have suffered some delays from the original plan, but we want to do things right and be sure of pulling this through correctly. We finally have a starting date for the crowdfunding campaign for the Black Blood Children faction: it will start on the 22nd… Continue reading