Breathtaking end of the KS campaign

It has been an spectacular and meteoric final lap for the campaign. We are still shocked by the amount of backers offering support in the last hours, with all of you struggling to reach an stretch-goal that a couple of days ago seemed way too far. We only have words of gratitude for you, good-hearted Wastelanders, who fight for this project as true heroes.

As you can see in the final amount raised (20,747 euros, 172% of the funding amount), the Dynamo with Vaporeta has been unlocked, the only weapon with no miniature in our catalog! Brutal! All of you who would like to have it will find it included in the Pledge Manager as an add-on at the usual single miniature price. And in the process you also unlocked the additional arms with Pistols for the Medic and Soldat, so that’s more FREE bling you get for your pledge!

The folks at GT Studio will be working hard in the remaining renders for the next weeks and we will show you anything we have about the ongoing production of these miniatures, so you will be duly informed of any progress.

Again, thanks a ton! You rock, people!

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