Black Blood Children Starter pack – 350 points list

As we did with Gangers, Mutards and Junkers, here you have a basic list ready to play a 350 points Punkapocalyptic game with the miniatures included in the Starter Pack, with the addition of the Spark on bike available separately. You could make a Black Blood Children 350 points list just with the figures presented in the basic box, because as it includes two miniatures with fire weapons it would be only a matter of adding more bullets to it, but it would be a less balanced list. And well, you know, it’s cool to have one of these new bikes. If you want to expand your band further, in the next months we will be releasing a bunch of additional miniatures. You can download the PDF list here.

Here we will also explain a bit the characteristics of each miniature, their equipment and role in a game. The attributes in brackets are already modified by the equipment.


The Spark must take full advantage of the mobility allowed by its bike to flank the enemy and attack wherever it’s more needed. It is important to be able to use the perks of Hit the gas in the right moments and make early use of the extra Hit the gas activation for being in Line of sight of the Flamekeeper, as due to its high movement it will soon be to far our to be in Line of sight and lose the ability to do it.
Although it doesn’t have a really high Precision, its mobility will allow it to take its shots almost always from the most favorable angle. Besides, due to its high Agility it can Delay its Actions to the Agility 1 Actions Round to be the last to act in a game Turn, positioning itself in a good firing position and be the first to act the next Turn, spending its both Actions to Aim and Shoot against a target that hasn’t been able to act yet.


The Black Blood Children lack the ability to defeat their enemies from large ranges, but they excel at mid range and the mission of this Ember is exactly that. With its Precision 5, thanks to the Pellets Special rule, it can instill fear and awe in its foes’ hearts. It also has a Biohazard protection to forget about the perils of the Contaminated terrain, and be able to get as close as possible to its targets before taking a successful shot.
It is important to keep it in Line of sight of the Flamekeeper, because with the Under the Flaming Eye rule it will get a really nasty Toughness 5 Attribute, which added to its Armour 2 can save its life after being hit.


This is no doubt one of the most dangerous miniatures for the rival because of its flamethrower. Being a template weapon is a real boost, not only because it does not need a Precision roll to hit, but also because it can hit several enemy miniatures. The only drawback is having to wisely decide how to use its petrol charges. Your rival will know this one is dangerous, so it will most likely get a lot of hostile fire. A Burnt nearby would be a great choice.


Although armed only with a Small blade in case it gets in close combat, the main function of this miniature is to be near an ally to act as a human shield against any enemy fire. In this list the best option is to be near the Ember with flamethrower, which will be the most likely to attract hostile discharges.


This Ash is designed to control nearby objectives, task for which Embers are less useful as they need to get closer to the enemy. But its pistol will make anyone think twice before getting near it. If the need arises, it can also provide fire support to any nearby combat.


The Flamekeeper should try to be in Line of sight to the most allied miniatures it can. The +1 bonus to Toughness it can grant to the Embers can be a lifesaver, and the extra Hit the gas for the bike will surely come handy.
As its usual role will keep it in a second line away from close combat, it can be used to control the nearest objective point to the Black Blood Children deployment zone.

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