Black Blood Children now for sale

A new faction arrives to Punkapocalyptic.

After the successful crowdfunding campaign last year, the Black Blood Children are now released to the general public. Get your hands on the most famous cult in the Scrapbridge area, a sect that holds an oil well and refinery in working condition and worship petrol as an almost mystic force from their god, Tex’co.

Now for sale the Black Blood Children Starter Pack, including five resin miniatures: Ember (shotgun), Ember (flamethrower), Ash (mace and pistol), Flamekeeper and Burnt (small blade). These same miniatures are available also individually.

But to reinforce their ranks even further you also have a Spark with bike and pistol, ready to fill a bunch of holes in your enemies.

Besides, the Mutards don’t want to be left behind and their ranks are bolstered with a blister which includes two cute Mongrelmorphs.

Along this year you will see the rest of the Kickstarter miniatures being released, as well as some more surprises, but now you can start to burn rubber with the Black Blood Children. You have them in our online store, and through our Spanish wholesaler.

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