Agreement with Deep Cut Studio

We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with the great mat shop Deep Cut Studio to sell their 4’x4′ Wasteland mat from our own online store, as it has the perfect measurements for our game rules. This company, on their part, will also sell our miniatures.… Continue reading

Draw on Facebook

As we are closing already to the 500 likes on the Punkapocalyptic page on Facebook, here at Bad Roll Games would like to reward our followers for their support, suggestions and enthusiasm. That’s why we are running a draw. To take part in this draw you will have to:  “Like”… Continue reading

Story: Any given day

The noise of the mongrelmorphs woke me up. One of them was making a high-pitched sound that was drilling my tank, like that of some nails scratching metal. I was getting tired of telling Luigi not to let them inside, but as usual, no one gave shit about my opinions.… Continue reading

Ganger brute

Every gang can make good use of a big, muscled guy. Maybe they are not the smartest or most skillful blokes in the universe, but they can beat you up and floor you down in no time. This miniature has been modelled by Iván Santurio and painted by the Big… Continue reading

Mutard Bobblehead green

We show you the green of the first miniature that has been produced for our game. It is a Mutard Bobblehead, ready to lead those mutated freaks out of the Wasteland. This miniature has been modelled by Leonardo Escovar Quintero.   Continue reading

Cargad! interview

Our friends from the Cargad! blog have done an interview to us (Spanish only, sorry for that), in which we try to answer any doubt you might have. But if you still have questions you would like to get solved, please don’t hesitate to ask around here and we will… Continue reading