An introduction to Punkapocalyptic

As our first starter set has hit the shelves and the second one is near, we will try to broadly explain what is Punkapocalyptic.

Punkapocalyptic is a skirmish game with the usual 30 mm miniatures set in a post-apocalyptic future mankind has reached this way. Factions in the game fight each other in the Scrapbridge area, which is the main settlement in our setting.

Mapa02The factions you can currently choose among are:

The Gangers. The tough guys of the Wasteland.


The Mutards. Former humans ripe with mutations.


And the Junkers. Adept at building gadgets with the remnants of the World of Before. This band will be released on January.

ChatarreraThere will be more factions available in the future, of course, but as we want them to be a surprise we won’t say shit for now. Now, mind you, there are little clues both in the short stories and in the Scrapbridge Gazette, the independent news leaflet everybody reads at this side of the Wasteland.

You don’t need many miniatures to play (with the new Ganger Starter Set, for example, you can play with them right out of the box), and the rulebook, band rules, scenarios and tokens can be downloaded for free in English and Spanish (for now, more languages will be available in the future). And you only need a 4’x4′ table or flat surface to play on.

The game is played only with ten-sided dice and a measurement tape, no more fuss. No cards, no counters, no weird things.


And all with a cool style and pimpin’ setting right out of the eighties.

So now you know… Don’t think twice and try Punkapocalyptic, the pimp and lethal skirmish game…

2014_12_11_0229p…they already did.

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