Alfa version for campaign rules

All this time we have been working on Punkapocalyptic, one of the most asked questions has always been when we would release a campaign set of rules to be able to build and improve a band over time. Our answer was always that first we wanted to have a basic rulebook as neat and complete as possible, with several options for different bands so the campaign could have more options and variety. Well, once those requirements have been met, we have put ourselves to work and here it is the first Alfa version for the campaign rules.

First of all, you probably have noticed that we usually release rules in a Beta version after quite some time of testing and gaming. But due to the high number of variables and unforeseen scenarios that can be found in an open campaign, we decided to release these rules in their early Alfa stage so you can feed us with your impressions and comments, which will allow us to have much more feedback than if we just tested them in a closed environment. Above all, our biggest concern is that although for other games all bands tend to have almost the same characteristics with few variations, in Punka each faction is completely different from the rest and thus this testing process is really important.

Bear in mind that, while in stand-alone games you have experienced bands with seasoned warriors at your disposal, in a campaign you will start with a green crew with very few options and it will be your skill on the table which will make them grow and prosper or die and be forgotten. We didn’t want to include a map for the campaign system, because out of personal experience it will only make thinks more complicated, but we have given each faction the option to establish their headquarters in a specific territory which will provide some type of bonus, as well as the possibility to improve that territory with buildings.

We hope you can enjoy these campaign rules, which we will keep improving and expanding in the next months (apart from correcting mistakes or typos, we also are working on specific scenarios, for example). As always, you can find it in the Downloads section.

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